Saniflo repairs by A Brassett

We repair all models of SANIFO models including the full range of SANIFLO domestic and Professional products.

Saniflo Drain pipes unblocked and any plumbing work that is carried out is by an experienced plumber. If you have a faulty, noisey, pump makes humming noise, jammed, not draining, over running Saniflo, Then we can certainly help you. All work areas are sanitized during and after completion of works and an air-freshener is used to eradicate any remaining odours. All workmen are non smoking, qualified plumbers. Our engineers carry spares for most of the saniflo range.

  • Noisy and Vibrating Units?
  • Service All Macerators
  • Evacuate water from baths and shower trays
  • Fix Intermittant start up and overunning annoyance
  • Leaking and overflowing problems
  • Nasty odour issues
  • Correct Blocked discharge pipework
  • Install new Macerators.

We have been repairing Sanilo's for more than 20 years. We have successfully fixed all types of Saniflo macerators including Sanitop, Saniaccess3, Saniplus, Sanipro, Sanipack, Sanicompact and Sanistar. If you have the grinder type maching (Sanibest Pro, Sanigrind Pro, Sanicubic 1 and Sanicubic 2) we can also help.


Saniflo Macerator

In addition to repairing all Saniflo models we are also happy to work on any MACERATOR by any manufacturer.